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All Pressure Tech’s state-of-the-art regulators are engineered to a give our clients precision control because we understand that the tiniest margins lie between success and failure, particularly under difficult, challenging conditions. Our range of brass regulators for the diving industry have been designed and tested to make the difference when critical life support is called upon.

Tailored engineering for crucial challenges

Intended for use on critical life support and diving applications, the range comprises of high flow, high pressure, low pressure and back pressure regulator used on built in breathing systems (BIBS). Additionally, we can adapt the existing technology to design and create bespoke equipment for an individually customised solution – whatever the client’s specific needs.

These components are based on a well established product range that has previously been supplied in 316 stainless steel but now machined in brass and oxygen cleaned with the precise criteria of subsea diving applications in mind, typically used in hyperbaric and decompression chambers, and on breathing and analyser systems.

Used in surface supply breathing situations, the regulators deliver a reliable and efficient breathing air supply from the surface to the divers, enabling them to work with confidence. They provide optimum control and conditions in built-in breathing systems, closed bells and underwater habitats, as well as critical chamber pressure control for decompression and recompression both in a longer-term subsea environment and in circumstances where it is needed post diving. The regulators offer state-of-the-art technology and precision on control panels for multi-chamber and multi-use applications.


Certifications and approvals

Designed and manufactured in the UK, the final equipment holds all relevant approvals, having been made and cleaned to the highest possible standards, using the quality materials, technology and workmanship Pressure Tech prides itself on, with full traceability on all machined parts. Our diving range comes complete with FMEA and certification by BAM for use on oxygen service.


Created for and with our customers

As ever, our team worked in partnership with our customers to develop this range, listening and responding to the requirements on the ground to create the optimum solution tailored entirely to these highly specialised environments. We are delighted to find that, as a result, a number of existing customers are already replacing well established brands with the Pressure Tech alternative. With a growing number of testimonials from end users and major equipment suppliers.